Build the Life You Want

Don’t Struggle Alone

Life can be difficult and challenging for everyone. But you don’t have to brave it alone. Seeking help for the pain and struggling you’re dealing with is a sign of courage and self-responsibility.

Do you suffer with addiction? Are you feeling lonely or unfulfilled? Has a relationship left you sad, frustrated or anxious?

My name is Karla Kahler and these are just some of the issues I’ve helped people work through as a psychotherapist. I offer clients a safe and interactive space to process personal issues, problems and dilemmas of life. I believe there are times to look outside our usual supports and find a consistent and supportive place to develop balance in our lives.

Choose to get out of the struggle you’re facing and lead a life feeling safe, hopeful and assertive.



Parents of Special Needs Kids

Does it feel as if most of your friends have no idea what your life is like these days?

I offer specialized family therapy services to families who have children with autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, sensory processing disorder and other developmental disabilities. The purpose is to promote family resilience as parents deal with the cumulative challenges they encounter raising a child with special needs.


The LGBTQ+ population sometimes struggle with complicated issues like – living with secrets, coming out, changing relationships with friends and family, shame and poor self esteem.

I can help you explore feelings about yourself in a culture that doesn’t always validate you. Discrimination and homophobia still exist, and both have a profound impact on how people in the LGBTQ+ community feel about themselves.

Break Free From Addiction


Tens of millions of people suffer from addictions in the United States. If you have an addiction, rest assured — you’re not alone.

Whether your experience of addiction is about your relationship with a substance or is about a different type of problematic behavior, the goal of psychotherapy will be the same. I will help you uncover the underlying beliefs and powerful emotions fueling your behaviors.


Everyone will experience some distress in relationships at some point in their lives.

Through therapy, individuals can work through relationship dynamics and begin to heal. The earlier you ask for professional help, the more likely it will be that you can begin to more forward, feel more valued and attach to others in a healthy way.It is more important than ever to be proactive about keeping your relationships healthy.