The Struggle Stops Here

People in the LGBTQ+ community often seek counseling for help with many of the same life issues as heterosexuals — depression, anxiety, addiction, couples therapy, etc. Many of these issues may appear to have very little to do with sexual orientation, while others may be closely tied to the gay identity.

Regardless, it’s imperative that you feel supported and able to speak freely. This is especially true for those people confronted with the double stigma of mental health issues and gay orientation.

LGBTQ+ Mental Health Issues and Coping with Stigma

Research suggests that gay men and members of the LGBTQ+ community are at higher risk for depression, anxiety, and addiction or substance abuse. Due to the stigma and discrimination these people face on a regular basis from society, family members, peers, co-workers, even classmates, there is a unique risk for addiction and mood disorders.

How Psychotherapy Can Help

We tend to form our sense of self and beliefs about the world from our relationship with others—primarily the family. 

When your needs for acceptance are finally met and provided in the therapeutic relationship, change can occur with the relationship with self and your ability to achieve goals.

Through our sessions, I can help you, and give you the tools, to heal and integrate past trauma. This, in itself, will usher you into a sense of well-being and love for yourself.

The needs for unconditional positive regard are very significant for you as a member of the gay community. This is due to the inordinate amount of rejection you face when encountering the homophobic prejudices still prevalent in today’s society. I will show you how to increase your capacity for choice, creativity, responsibility, and self-acceptance.

My counseling services in this area include: